on a scale of arsenal fans to arsenal fans how much do you hate arsenal

asking someone if they still support a team after they’ve lost is like asking a parent if they’d still own their kid after failing an exam

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i know i haven’t been on in a while but merry christmas guys!! i hope you all have a wonderful day ahead of you c:

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jack wilshere painting (by me)

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just the thought of arsenal winning the title this season makes me super happy like can u imagine what it would be like if we did

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Happy Birthday Mesut!

"Who’s to blame? Board, manager or players? Who’s to blame for how bad we’ve become? Since we last won a trophy in 2005, we haven’t improved an inch. We haven’t learned from our mistakes, we haven’t rectified or problems, eight years selling our best players, basically eight worthless years".

do you ever just sit there and think, like really think, about footballers and how they’re out there living their dreams and giving their all for the club they love and whenever they step out onto the pitch, all the excitement and nervousness they must be feeling but they go ahead and do what they love to please themselves but also everyone who supports them and i forgot where i was going with this but man, i really appreciate them

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